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Why buy a Sports Partner Indoor Sports Floor - NAXOS

This indoor Sports Flooring Solution includes a rubber underlayment and acoustic mat, in order to give more comfort to the athletes to protect their joints and lower-back, and minimise impact of sound. This underlayment was specifically developed by top players and coaches in various sports, and the innovative design provides shock absorption via an air cushion, assuring the top results for ball rebound. The result of this development is higher athlete’s protection and outstanding comfort, assuring the best Sports performance for each Sport.

Perfect Surface

Due to a wide study performed in different types of Sports Floor (Including roller skating), the surfaces of our Sports Floor NAXOS was designed in order to allow the perfect traction in all directions at the highest level of use.

The unique construction allows to have a very high Performance rebound response to Sports like Basketball, Handball, Futsal, etc…

Easy and quick to install, this is the best solution for Indoor use, either for  permanent facilities or portable use (Indoor events).

Through the combination of colours and line marking (painting) we can easily create a Multisport Floor, according to each requirement.


  • Protects the physical integrity of athletes through the vertical and lateral shock abortion.
  • More comfort due to its excellent impact absorption to minimise risk of injury at the joints and lower back.
  • Antibacterial product that does not create bacteria and fungus.
  • Unlike some “spongy” Flooring we have a hard surface that enables perfect ball rebound.
  • The surface of our Flooring is designed to allow a perfect level of grip in all directions for all indoor sports including Sports on skates.
  • 15 year warranty

Functional Advantages
  • Easy assembly / disassembly through fittings male / female.
  • Wide range of options at the level of desired colours for the play areas and security.
  • Advertising through the modification of certain tiles.
  • High resistance to extreme temperature conditions.
  • Applicable in any final levelled surface.
  • Investment more economically attractive than other solutions.
  • Best solution for Price AND Quality.

Protection of Investment

When buying a Sports Partner Floor you are protecting your investment because even if you move your floor to another place, you can always store and use it again. With our solutions the repairs are easy, economical and very fast. When the Sports Floor is damaged you just need to replace the damaged tile(s) at a very low cost compared with some other solutions.

No maintenance required

Our solutions do not require costly periodic maintenance, carried out with equipment and specialised personnel. With our solutions it is only necessary to perform cleaning with a common mop and a common detergent (neutral pH) when you feel necessary.

Advertising on Floor

Our solutions allow you to advertise directly on the floor just by switching the tiles in to others with different colours on the Floor.

Possibility of portability of your Sports Floor for other solutions that may be required

Transform your Sports Installation in to a multipurpose space, as you can easily uninstall the Sports Floor, and use the space for other uses (Reunions, weddings, etc…), and install the Sports Floor back again protecting the quality of your Sports Floor and your investment.

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